01 – The David Neighbors Project

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.
                                        – Amy Lowell

We begin a journey, a journey that doesn’t end for for many years. This journey will change the way you look, see and perform coin magic and the magic you perform now! The magic world is blessed with many great card men, but is only blessed with a handful of great coin guys. David’s work with coins is legendary amongst the fraternity and his ability to think outside the box as well as stay outside the box is what has defined his coin magic.

The goal for The David Neighbors Project series is threefold.  First, to make David’s work on coin magic over the years available to the magic fraternity as pieces of art. Second, to “add to the  progress” of magic. Last, to leave a legacy of literature available to the world of magic for generations to come.

We now have an opportunity to step into the mind of David and reap the benefits of his creativity in the world of coin magic and beyond. This 5 volume anthology is only the tip of the iceberg; David is a creative machine who will continue to brainstorm and invent for years to come.

David and I spoke about working on this project for a little over three years. Because of the commitment that this project would take, time had become valuable for availability. The managing of this time in conjunction with the project had to be organized as well. When we finally decided to push forward with this project, it took about eight months to literally sift through the material and organize it.

This project began with the organization of all of David’s printed material, multimedia material, privately recorded material and personal notes. Without a doubt, this has become the single biggest task of the project. The organization of this material has been quite profound as well as extremely fun as the adventure began. The challenge was to figure out exactly “how” to organize all of this material.

To add to this material, David records many of his routines through multimedia format. Many of these routines have never seen print or release before. In Volume One, the reader will find three chapters – Debut, which is a compilation of routines that involve production of coins, vanishes of coins or a combination of both. Under a Spell – David’s in-depth work on the subject of Spellbound. Through and Through – many of his best approaches to this classic plot of Coins Through Table. David’s original sleights are fully explained and illustrated along with a few essays.

Here is the best part of all of this . . . the magic community now has access to all of this. The second best part of this . . . it is ALL on coin magic. It is astounding and incomprehensible that this much material exists on the art of coin magic and that this much material comes from the mind of David Neighbors.

As the material was reviewed, the only way to organize this material would be to categorize it. Simply put, all of the Matrix material had to be found and cataloged. Next, Copper/Silver material, Spellbound material, etc. Once the material was categorized, it established a path to travel down as well as a clear cut avenue to mold this project around. The journey then began in reading every piece of material and plugging it into the correct category. Categories were established that I would have never dreamed even existed.

To understand how David thinks and processes his magic, one must have an understanding of how David’s magical mind works. It works totally different than anyone else I have ever met. Simply stated, David processes methodology different.

Many of the moves and sleights in the text are ones that David has developed over the years. Ed Marlo wrote in the forward of Don England’s book, T.K.O.’s . . . in order to see if they, in some way, added to the progress of magic. The goal for this entire project, Volume 1 along with all subsequent volumes is twofold . . . to make David’s work on coin magic over the years available to the magic world as a piece of art, and to hopefully. . . add to the progress of magic. It is our sincerest hopes that these volumes help feed this addiction for the present followers of the art as well as to leave a small legacy of literature available to the fraternity for years to come.


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