About Us


Conjuration Publications is a new publishing company specializing in furthering the art of magic by bringing quality creators, performers and material to the circle of magic.

Producing quality material in writing, editing, artwork and publishing is the main goal. The hopes and dreams of Conjuration Publications is to produce wonderful pieces of literature to promote and advance the art of magic. It is the hopes and dreams that this work brings to the forefront beautiful magic as well as leaving a legacy behind for those that will study this wonderful art in later years.

This endeavor began several years ago. There is great enjoyment in the first offering to the world of magic as well as future books that fit the goal of Conjuration Publications.

Thank you for supporting these products as well as the creators and performers of this wonderful material.

All Content Copyright – © – Mark Tams/Conjuration Publications – 2013

14 Responses to About Us

  1. Robert LaRue says:

    After all these years and the thousands of routines and moves Dave has pioneered it is gratifying to see someone responsible take charge of this project. Thanks so much and congratulations, Dave!

  2. Bill Malone says:

    Hi Mark, please add me to the list for the Dave Neighbors project!!!!


  3. Mark – please add me to this list. I’m very excited about this project!!!

  4. Gabriel Roy says:

    Man do I ever remember David Neighbors! And what a magician he is! He gave our magician club a lecture a long time ago, I bought his lecture notes and learned the “flashback II” coin effect. Yes it took a while to get it down pat, but it sure became a great performance. Nobody can figure out how how four coins can amass into one corner (under one playing card), then each one go back to its own playing card with a snap of fingers. Everybody was awed, and well entertained. OK, I did add my own story line, but then that’s my operation. Love David Neighbors!!!

  5. JD Shanahan says:

    Mark, please add me to the list.

  6. David Neighbors The Coinjurer says:

    Hi Gabriel,
    Hay thanks man! Glad you are using It ! 🙂 And yea You all ways Have to work out you own Patter And make it yours ! 🙂 But I am glad It’s working for you!

  7. Josh Arroyo says:

    Just made the PayPal hurdle. I’m excited about this!

  8. Todd Reis says:

    High time this was done for Dave. Thanks. Please add me to the list! A lot of people here in LA who have seen Dave lecture over the years are looking forward to this!

  9. geekbus says:

    Hi Mark – Please add my name to the list for this amazing project as well! 😀 Just now paid for Volume 1 pre-print. ~Oscar Hills

  10. Jim McGowan says:

    I have been waiting for this for a long time! David has published books and DVDs in the past but they haven’t been available for quite some time – and I was not fortunate enough to be in magic when they were. This book series is a dream come true for me! You might not hear the name of “David Neighbors” mentioned with other coin magic greats: David Roth, Mike Gallo, Michael Rubinstein… but believe me, David’s name certainly belongs right there at that same high level! Some write about great coin magic; some talk and lecture about it… David Neighbors just DOES coin magic, and he does it so amazingly well!
    Thank you.
    Jim McGowan (aka “J-Mac”)

  11. Joe Givan says:

    YO! FINALLY someone has given Dave the proper respect for his lifetime of ingenuity. I’ve been a close friend / brainstormer / confidant of Dave for decades and never thought he got the attention he deserves. This is a wonderful offering for anyone who embraces the miracles of close-up magic.

    • Joe (and all of the others), well said! David does have his “do” coming to him. He’s an amazing mind in the world of magic . . . not just coins. His work over the years I believe is legendary . . . and I’m hopeful these volumes of his work will put most of it all in one place. It’s been an amazing ride to write this material, learn it and now to have the fraternity study it will help continue this amazing ride!

  12. Travis Schack says:

    Been waiting for this book to come along and just ordered. Dave has a lot of great stuff that looks very magical. Can’t wait for the book to show up!

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